Use Picture Medley to assemble your photos into an overall image that represents a theme for your composition.

Up close your viewer will enjoy the fine details and from a distance the overall theme becomes readily evident.

With Picture Medley you can take advantage of transparent areas in a target image to create even more impressive artwork. In this section you can see a number of examples of Medley images that illustrate this capability.

I’ve constructed a variety of themed examples using imagery from stock sources (Shutterstock and Office Images) to give you an idea of how you might use these capabilities for your next project. Click on an image to see a larger version.


Use head shots of your team members to assemble your company logo in a Picture Medley!


You had your camera ready when your new child entered the world. A Picture Medley made up of hundreds of your baby’s expressions makes a great piece of art for your wall or as a gift for the proud grandparent!


Rich in color and variety, flowers make great photographic subjects.


Any naturalist would appreciate the rich variety of color from hundreds of birds!


Here are some poster ideas for cat lovers.